Q&A: Foreigners shouldn’t fight back?


What can we do in situations that result in a confrontation or even violence? In an article I read it said that foreigners should not fight back and that whoever is injured worst is the victim.



Let’s look at the two points:

“Whoever is injured worst is the victim.”

This is not right. The severity of the injuries may play a part in the very beginning of the judgment standards, but it will not be the whole case. The police and the court will look at the other pieces of evidence and circumstances as well. However, having an attorney to advocate on your behalf will make them more willing to do so.

“Foreigners should not fight back.”

This is also not right. Everybody has the right to self-defense. However, if the people who attacked you have stopped, then you must also stop. This is a very serious point, and applies even if you were injured in the fight. Continuing the fight after another has stopped will lead to you taking the blame as the aggressor.

I hope this helps!

– Sophia


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