Meet Sophia

Sophia Wright

Sophia grew up in Hubei, but spent most of her life in Chongqing. She has a passion for bridging the divide between cultures and is heavily involved in both the foreign and local communities within Chongqing, as well as maintaining strong ties, both personal and professional, throughout the whole region.

While in Chongqing, along with her American husband, Rayfield, Sophia opened and operated Blue Olive, a Mediterranean restaurant located in the historic Liziba Park area of Chongqing. Through this venue, Sophia became involved in the community by hosting frequent cultural and educational events aimed at dispelling misconceptions and introducing participants to the best of both Chinese and foreign cultures.

More recently, Sophia and her husband have relocated to Los Angeles, California, where Sophia is preparing to take the California Bar Examination in order to practice law in the United States as well. Despite currently residing in the California, Sophia is eager to continue helping those seeking legal help in China.

Legal History

Sophia is a registered attorney with 12 years’ experience and has represented clients in Chongqing, Beijing, and other provinces. Before becoming an attorney, Sophia worked in the Chongqing government for seven years. In this time, she dealt with businesses, individuals, and government officials, building connections and learning the ins-and-outs of the local system. Because of this, she has firsthand insight into the workings of both local and national governmental procedures.

Case Samples

Aside from common legal services that everyday expatriates residing in China might have need of, such as work or rental contracts and visa services, Sophia also has extensive experience defending foreigners in high-profile criminal cases.

One such case occurred in Chongqing in 2015, when a Congolese exchange student and his Chinese girlfriend were confronted by a group of locals using verbal slurs. This escalated into a fight in which the student was forced to briefly defend himself and subsequently fled with his girlfriend to a local police station. Upon arriving and telling their story, this student was then arrested on charges of causing intentional injury.

As compensation, the alleged victim of these injuries demanded 700,000 RMB (approx. USD 100,000). It was at this point the defendant contacted Sophia for legal advice. The case lasted over one year, with police seizing his passport so he was unable to leave the country.

Working within the local legal system and also in conjunction with the defendant’s embassy, Sophia stood by her client throughout the entire ordeal. The eventual result was that the defendant was cleared of all charges and was not required to monetarily compensate his attackers.

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