Q&A: Getting a Chinese green card


Hi Sophia, can you advise me about the possibility of getting Chinese permanent residence (green card) without investing huge amounts of money or being married to a Chinese citizen?


According to Chinese national law, there are four circumstances under which foreigners may be granted a green card. From the government’s English website:

  1. Be a high-level foreign expert holding a post in a business that promote China’s economic, scientific and technological development, or social progress.

  2. Have made outstanding contributions, or are of special importance to China.

  3. Have made large direct investment of over 500 thousand US dollars in China.

  4. Come to China to be with your family, such as husband or wife, minors dependent on their parents, and senior citizens dependent on their relatives.

You describe two of these circumstances in your question, and add that you would not qualify for either. However, even with the circumstances you describe, the rules surrounding the granting of a green card are very strict.

There are two other ways to get a green card than the circumstances you described. But these are rare and usually only granted to individuals who are exceptionally beneficial to the development of China.

Outside of these conditions, there is no way in the current set of strict rules to get a Chinese green card. If you would like more details on this process and the feasibility of applying for a Chinese permanent residence, I’d be happy to make an appointment with you.



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